Lullaby CD coming!

MARCH 27, 2011:

Loren's first studio experience!
 I spent ten (!) hours in the studio - the first day of recording on the lullaby CD. It's really good to be directing this little project, and I have the help of some fine musicians, too. In addition to the musicians I mentioned below I'm also getting help from Kevin Russel, Phil Lawrence, Lindalou Ryge, and Kim Atkinson. The songs are starting to take shape very beautifully. A few pictures from the recording day at Prairie Sun...

The wonderful Ted Dutcher!

This page is under construction, but so far I can tell you I am recording this lullaby CD at Prairie Sun Studio in Cotati, California. The title will be "Twilight Comes Tiptoeing." Some of the musicians playing on it are: John Rothfield, Maple Profant, Bonnie Barnum, Loren Gillogly, and Ted Dutcher, and there will be a few others. We are gearing up for recording very soon!

Here's the songlist:
Twilight Comes Tiptoeing
Close Your Eyes
Sweet Sweet Wind
Rocking on the Sea
Roll Away
Si Hei Lwli
The Star of County Down

All but the last two are orginals, written for my son. I'll keep posting new developments...