Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's Finally Happening!

I will start recording the lullabies this Sunday, March 27! I'm rehearsing with some wonderful musicians this week, and can hardly wait to have this project seriously underway. It's been a long time coming!


  1. I'm delighted to hear that recording of the lullaby CD is underway! I'll be thinking of you on the 27th...have loads of fun in the studio! I look forward to listening to the final product of your years of vision and wonderful creativity on this project!

  2. Hey Jill - Is that you? Thanks for the kind words! ~G

  3. Yes, it's me. That happens to be my Google account ID. I didn't even know I had one! Good luck today. I hope all goes well, and most of all, I hope you have fun!! Love you!